EURACAN Governance

Decision makers for key questions

General Assembly: Board of all HCPs full members and Associated / Affiliated partners.

Decision makers for daily management

Steering Committee: EURACAN Coordinator, domain leaders; 1 representative per country not already represented; Task Force leaders; Patient Advocacy representatives.

Decision makers for specific questions

Scientific Advisory Group: 6 independent experts; outside/inside EU; Rare/Frequent cancers/diseases.

Clinical actions

Domains: Connective tissue (sarcomas); Female genital organs and placenta; Male genital organs, and of the urinary tract; Neuroendocrine system; Digestive tract; Endocrine organs; Head and neck; Thorax; Skin and eye melanoma; Brain and spinal cord.

Transversal Task forces: Guidelines; Research; Training/education; Funding and Sustainability plan; Communication/Dissemination; Quality Control; Diagnosis.

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