EURACAN connects patients who have rare adult solid cancers to expert health care centres across Europe

We aim to tackle these complex and rare cancers that require highly specialised treatment and concentrated knowledge and resources.

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How EURACAN helps patients and healthcare professionals

EURACAN is a virtual network connecting patients and healthcare providers across Europe. The management of rare cancers poses significant diagnostic challenges, sometimes with major consequences for patients’ quality of life and outcome. Inappropriate management of these patients may also result in an increased risk of relapse, and risk of death.

The importance of using expert centres

How the European Reference Networks support health professionals

ERN animation clip for patients and health professionals


About rare adult solid cancers

More than 300 rare cancers have been identified. ERN EURACAN covers all rare adult solid tumour cancers, grouping them into 10 areas.

View the patient body map to locate your rare cancer.


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