How EURACAN helps you

EURACAN is a network of European Healthcare Providers (HCPs) with expertise in the management of rare adult solid cancers.

Thanks to EURACAN’s structure, clinicians and researchers across Europe can share expertise, knowledge and resources and give all healthcare providers access to a much larger pool of expertise.

This will result in better chances for patients to receive an accurate diagnosis and advice on the best treatment for their specific rare cancer.

How do you access the European Reference Networks?

There are three different options for patient referral to ERNs and thus to EURACAN.

Patient Referral Pathway

Other work

ERN specialists do not only discuss individual cases. They also participate in joint research activities, work together on clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) and organise training for healthcare professionals.

Patients are represented within the ERNs 

ERNs are patient-centred. The Patients and their representatives played an important role in the creation of the ERNs and today play an important role in them as key partners. They help the ERNs to work towards better accessibility, clinical excellence and improved patient outcomes.

Patient advocates associated with EURACAN represent the European Patient Advocacy Group (ePAGs) for rare solid cancers in adults. They are called “ePAG advocates”. They work closely with the ten domains and EURACAN Task Force leaders to provide information and perspectives on patients’ needs and expectations. The ePAG advocates are coordinated by EURORDIS (Rare Diseases Europe).

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