Patient referral pathway

There are three different options for patient referral to EURACAN

Patient Referral Pathway

Option 1: Healthcare professionals (ie a GP, oncologist, surgeon, etc)
Can contact and make an appointment for the patient at a nearby EURACAN expert centre.

Option 2: Healthcare professionals (ie a GP, oncologist, surgeon, etc)
Can contact experts from EURACAN on the patient’s behalf for a second opinion. It is acceptable for a patient to ask for a second opinion at any stage of their treatment pathway. In fact, the European Code of Cancer Practice states that cancer patients have a right to “Equal access to affordable and optimal cancer care, including the right to a second opinion.”

Healthcare professionals can get advice from EURACAN experts about a rare cancer diagnosis as well as a treatment plan or both, thanks to a secure, web-based platform called the Clinical Patient Management System or “CPMS”.

a. Healthcare professionals will need their patient’s written consent before contacting EURACAN and starting the process of communication with the expert centres. The patient consent form is available on the CPMS in all EU languages and the healthcare professional will provide this consent form to the patient.

b. On the CPMS: Any information (personal and clinical data) provided by healthcare professionals/EURACAN experts is kept confidential.

c. Patients will not have to personally travel to an expert centre. Instead of travelling physically, the patient’s data travels across borders to the expert centres for their help and advice.

Option 3: Patient self referral
Expert centres may be close to where the patients live and within travelling distance of their home. Patients can make their own in-person appointment direct at a nearby EURACAN centre so they can visit there to discuss their case.

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